The way of Zen is very simple: how one keeps one’s mind, moment after moment after moment. Zen practice urges us to be free and flexible with our engagement of life, which also helps to loosen our grip on ideas, beliefs and concepts. We don’t encourage a special mind state; it is not a “tuning out” or “blissing out.” Instead, Zen encourages “tuning in” and realizing the miracle of being alive, right in this moment.

The True Nature Zen Sangha is a welcoming community of diverse practitioners who seek to learn the Buddha’s teachings and apply them to everyday life in our modern world.

Our practice leader is Laura Bonyon Neal of Bar Harbor, an ordained Buddhist priest and authorized teacher in the Five Mountain Zen Order.

We invite you to our weekly practice on Wednesdays from 6 to 7 pm. We meet in the Dance Studio on the Town Hill campus of ArtWaves Community Studio Arts Center.